Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Misofication of Manhattan

New York is known for being a dense, fast-paced kind of place: its pedestrians move more quickly than anywhere else in the country, its apartments are the same size as most suburban garages, and it is, after all, the city that never sleeps. So, if you were looking to make miso that was truly local […]

House, Hunter

In a 2004 article, the New York Times describes the somewhat alarming dilapidation of the UN headquarters building, which is currently undergoing an extensive (and expensive) refurbishment.

Princely Packets of Golden Health

A confession: the title of this post is lifted directly from an irresistibly enthusiastic history of butter packaging [PDF], prepared by one Milton E. Parker in 1948, for the Packaging Machinery Division of the Lynch Corporation, which I stumbled across while trying to find out how the EU butter molehill is stored. Parker is an […]