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Dark Arts Summit

Do you have a considered opinion on how small a crisp or tortilla chip fragment has to be before it is not worth eating, or are you the kind of person who uses a moistened finger to retrieve the flavour dust from the foil corners of a bag?

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Thrilling Wonder Food

As part of the rather exciting line-up for the transatlantic speculative design fiction-fest that is the third annual edition of Thrilling Wonder Stories, I am delighted to be moderating a panel on future food. IMAGE: Cricket Lick-Its enable you to fully appreciate the texture of edible insects; we will be sampling these on Saturday (photo […]

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Speculative Riot

I am actually rather intimidated by the incredible line-up of Thrilling Wonder Stories, an eight-hour festival of all things speculative taking place at London’s Architectural Association this Friday. IMAGE: Thrilling Wonder Stories II at the Architectural Association (view larger here). Although it is not specifically a food-oriented event, edible geographers will find many reasons to […]

Let The Countdown Begin: Foodprint Toronto

IMAGE: Picture this former streetcar storage and maintenance facility filled with people who are curious, concerned, and/or enthusiastic about the relationship between food and cities… it’s Foodprint Toronto! Just a quick reminder that Foodprint Toronto takes place this Saturday, between 12:30 and 5:00 p.m. EST, at Artscape Wychwood Barns (map) in Toronto. It’s the second […]