Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Great Tariff Boat Race

IMAGE: Peak Pegasus. Photo by Jackie Pritchard, Marine Traffic. Peak Pegasus is a bulk cargo ship, built in 2013, and, like so many commercial vessels, flagged in Liberia. At 229 metres long and 32.26 metres broad, she is Panamax-sized (the maximum width that can squeak through the canal is 32.31 metres), and she can carry […]

Swedish Candy Culture

The year I moved to New York, Sockerbit, a Scandinavian pick-and-mix sweet shop, opened in the West Village. I went once, and never again in the six years I lived in the city. The problem was not that I did not enjoy the fragrant, soft pink Smultronmatta (rippled squares of wild strawberry licorice) or the […]

Monsieur, with all these hazelnuts, you are really spoiling us!

IMAGE: The classic Ferrero Rocher “Ambassador’s Party” ad. “To put a hazelnut into every bonbon, Ferrero buys about a third of the world’s hazelnut supply.” A third! That’s just one of the fascinating details in this Forbes profile of the Ferrero family, which also includes the business’s origins in ersatz wartime “chocolate.”* Founder Pietro’s first […]