Monthly Archives: December 2012

Foodprint in Print

Foodprint Project, the roving event series I co-curate with Sarah Rich, is more than two years and four cities old, and, entirely thanks to our fantastic panelists and guest moderators, the conversations we’ve had in each city have been surprising, funny, provocative, insightful, and inspiring. IMAGE: Foodprint Papers: Volume One cover and inside cover. We’ve […]

Cold Cabinet

IMAGE: LA Cold Storage, photograph by Nicola Twilley. As dedicated Edible Geography readers will know, for the past couple of years I have been a part-time explorer of the artificial cryosphere — the enormous coldscape of refrigerated warehouses, tank farms, banana-ripening rooms, reefer trucks, and home appliances that are tied together across America in a (relatively) […]

Hot Dog

Dogs still occupy a variety of roles in the human food system, from sheep herding to barbecued delicacy. What is less well known is that before the advent of gas or electric ovens, dogs also provided a convenient power source for kitchen appliances. IMAGE: A doggy treadmill, yours for only $639, via Rachel Laudan. Inspired […]


The BBC, reporting from the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, summarises an interesting presentation on the significance of traditional Maori ovens, or hangi pits, in paleomagnetic research. IMAGE: Turner’s proof-of-concept hangi pit. Photo by Gillian Turner via the BBC. The story begins earlier this year, in June, when Dr. Gillian […]