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Dark Arts Summit

Do you have a considered opinion on how small a crisp or tortilla chip fragment has to be before it is not worth eating, or are you the kind of person who uses a moistened finger to retrieve the flavour dust from the foil corners of a bag?

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Comets, Not Moons

IMAGE: Yogurt foil, photographed by Stanley Greenberg. After I wrote about his image of the abandoned champagne cellar beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, photographer Stanley Greenberg emailed me to say that he had also begun working on a series of photographs of the aluminum foil found on yogurt containers. IMAGE: Yogurt foil, photographed by Stanley Greenberg. […]

Taketh One Unicorn

IMAGE: “Detail of a unicorn on the grill,” courtesy the British Library. Yesterday, in a charming April Fool, the British Library’s Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts bloggers breathlessly reported the discovery of a long-lost medieval cookbook, complete with an illustrated recipe for grilled unicorn. Naturally, the post is larded with clues: the book is compiled by “Geoffrey […]

Fake Cinnamon Joins Artificial Vanilla and Wins

Earlier this year, Sarah Lohman of the historical gastronomy blog Four Pounds Flour and Jonathan Soma of the Brooklyn Brainery launched a monthly “bar room lecture series” on food called “Masters of Social Gastronomy” (MSG for short). Although other commitments kept me from attending their inaugural lecture on strange meat (including bear, rotten shark, and […]

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