Three Round or Roundish Things You Shouldn’t Miss

IMAGE: From the Devour series by Christopher Jonassen.

1. Over at GOOD, my former colleague Peter Smith notes that, when shot against a black background, a worn-out frying pan looks more like a celestial object than a cooking utensil. Christopher Jonassen’s gorgeous series of photographs, Devour, documents each unique battle scar incurred by our humble pots and pans in the everyday business of making dinner, transforming the mundane into the sublime. Visit Jonassen’s site to see more in the series, and GOOD to read a short Q&A with the artist.

IMAGE: Oreo Cameo #4, 2011, by Judith G. Klausner. Thank you, Tim Maly and David Smith.

2. Following on from my recent investigation into the art of biscuit embossing, a couple of readers introduced me to Judith Klausner’s Oreo cameos. By carving her delicate portraits into the waxen “creme” of a halved sandwich cookie, Klausner provides an inspiring reminder that a biscuit’s decorative potential is not limited to its exterior. Visit her site for more cookie cameos, and don’t miss the charming mould embroidery of her Toast series.

IMAGE: Everyday life in Villahermosa, Mexico, as documented by Anahita Avalos, via we make money not art.

3. It’s not that round, I admit, but I couldn’t resist the peculiar sculptural quality and sludge-green colour of this T-shirt-swaddled child’s head, captured while waiting in line at a fast food restaurant in Villahermosa, Mexico. Visit we make money not art to see more of Anahita Avalos’ arresting work.

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