Improbable Salt

Improbable Salt 460

The illicit thrill of carrying vials of expensive white powder around town is just part of the charm of owning your own Improbable Salt.

I am no salt expert (yes, there is such a profession: meet salt sommelier Sommai Wooniem) but, astonishingly, the salt from a Hawaiian-French improbable ocean tastes distinctly different to that of a French-Hawaiian one.

(To my mind, French water mixed with Hawaiian sea salt has a slightly unpleasant, bitter, and metallic after-taste, though its creator, Ryan Dewey, prefers it to its inverse twin. Give me Fijian-Pakistani salt over either, any day.)

Last chance to score your own vials of fourth-wave, post-globalisation, micro-batch salt, freshly harvested from the shelves of a Cleveland supermarket: Dewey’s Kickstarter campaign ends on Monday evening.

Thanks to Jenny, Jake, and Geoff for tasting the salts with me.

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