Charles Jones

IMAGE: “Mangold Golden Tankard” by Charles Jones, via. The mangold, or mangelwurzel, is a root vegetable usually used for animal feed. Charles Jones was “a professional gardener, born in 1866, son of a Wolverhampton butcher” – and possibly the best fruit and vegetable photographer that has ever lived. His work is included in the Museum of Garden History‘s lovely exhibition, “The Good Life – 100 Years of Growing Your Own.”

I’ve been in London this week, immersing myself in its edible delights – from red bean paste Kit Kats to a history of the grow-your-own movement, and from the creation myths of General Tso’s Chicken to bicycle-blended smoothies handed out in Trafalgar Square (not to mention the odd homemade mince pie – thanks Mum!) Unfortunately, such dedication to research has proved an obstacle to posting. But I will have plenty of interesting stories to tell if you have the patience to wait until I’m back online next week!

Meanwhile, many thanks for reading and commenting – I really appreciate it.