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Crop-Duster Spirographics

IMAGE: GPS patterns of a cropdusting aeroplane, via Mapbox. Among the public GPS tracks uploaded to OpenStreetMaps is this cropduster spirograph: swirls of pesticide or fertiliser application traced over the landscape in a rhythmic choreography that balances nozzle flow and wind conditions to “paint” the fields below.

The Meaning of Meals

The American family dinner is an endangered custom with magical powers attributed to it. It is also, as cultural historian Abigail Carroll explains in her fascinating new book, Three Squares, “only about 150 years old.” IMAGE: Three Squares, Abigail Carroll (jacket design by Nicole Caputo). Subtitled “the invention of the American meal,” Three Squares is […]

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Eau de Fatberg

Fatbergs, another recurring theme here on Edible Geography, are sewer-blocking lumps of congealed cooking oil and wet wipes that can grow to the size of a double decker bus beneath the streets of London, with disastrous consequences for local drainage. IMAGE: London sewer flusher Danny Brackley shovels out a fatberg under Leicester Square. Photo via […]