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Fake Food Fight

IMAGE: A street market in the U.S. military’s fake Afghan village of Ertebat Shar. All photographs by Nicola Twilley. Every unit of the U.S. military, immediately prior to combat deployment, spends three weeks at the National Training Centre at Fort Irwin, California. Scattered across a base the size of Luxembourg, in the middle of the Mojave […]

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Dead Star Barn

“Why are barns red?” is, apparently, the all-time most popular FAQ at The Barn Journal (sadly, no word on what the second most popular might be). A few years ago, design writer Steven Heller dedicated his column in Print magazine to this question. It has also been bothering the Chief Architect of Google+, Yonatan Zunger, […]

Glass (of) Eels

At the New York State Department of Conservation’s fyke net in Richmond Creek on Staten Island, nightly glass eel catch totals have tapered off. Further north, in the Bronx River, the annual migration of tiny, translucent baby eels will continue for another couple of weeks. And, in Maine, one of only two states to allow […]