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Distribution Disruption

As New York City cleans up post-Sandy (and a huge thanks goes out to those who are out doing the cleaning!), the storm has revealed the city’s topography and infrastructure, its former marshes, power networks, and rat population, in ways that are easy to overlook when things are running smoothly. IMAGE: The queue to get […]

Urban Candy Optimisation

Just in time for those of you planning to head out trick-or-treating tonight, architect and planner Paul L. Knight and his colleague Kevin Clark have conducted a series of analyses of the impact of urban design on your sugar haul. IMAGE: Conley Creek Subdivision, Conley, GA, analysed by Paul L. Knight and Kevin Clark in […]

Marshall Duchamp

It is “the finest eating strawberry in America.” It is “exceedingly handsome, splendidly flavored, pleasantly sprightly, aromatic and juicy.” In fact, it was once “the standard of excellence for the entire northern strawberry industry.”

Endangered Cake Museum Update

Readers may remember the story of the endangered cake museum, a unique but homeless collection showcasing examples of piping, icing, sugar work, and other edible decorative techniques, from a post on Edible Geography earlier this year. IMAGE: Cakes from the Kuyper Cake Collection. In a stroke of good luck, Liz Williams, Director of the Southern […]

Mad Honey

A new post on BLDGBLOG shows Eric Valli’s incredible photographs of men hunting for edible bird’s nests in the caves of Thailand, using a terrifyingly flimsy-looking assemblage of bamboo trellises, rattan ladders, and industrial nylon rope. IMAGE: From the series “Shadow Hunters,” by Eric Valli. In passing, the post mentions some of Valli’s other work, […]

Urine Flavour Wheels

IMAGE: Urine wheel from Epiphanie Medicorum, Ullrich Pinder (1506), via Oscillator. Over at Oscillator, synthetic biologist Christina Agapakis (who will be speaking at Foodprint LA, and whom I had the pleasure of interviewing yesterday — of which, more in due course!) has posted this gorgeous urine wheel, designed to help medical practitioners create a sensory […]

Food: An Atlas

What do you see when you map the world through food? IMAGE: Strips from five of the seventy-plus maps in Food: An Atlas. According to Food: An Atlas, a crowd-sourced, crowd-funded, “guerrilla cartography” project led by UC Berkeley professor Darin Jensen, you see the distribution patterns of the global almond trade but also the lost […]

Recurring Rivers of Red

Fabian Neuhaus, editor of Studies in Temporal Urbanism and author of the blog urbanTick, has assembled a collection of aerial images of Mexico City’s street markets, as captured on Google Earth.

The Spatial Distribution of Americans in Relationship to Starbucks

Inspired by Stephen Von Worley‘s wonderful The Contiguous United States Visualized by Distance to the Nearest McDonalds, doctoral astronomy student Jim Davenport decided to map “not only how Starbucks were distributed across the USA […] but how we are distributed around Starbucks.” IMAGE: James Davenport’s Voronoi diagram for every Starbucks location in the United States, […]

Worm Power

Earlier this year, Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG and I launched a new project, Venue, in partnership with the Nevada Museum of Art’s Center for Art + Environment and Studio-X NYC, and with the generous support of the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), Nevada Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. The story below is […]