Monthly Archives: February 2012

Tweeting Breakfast

Twitter is easily (and somewhat tediously) mocked as simply providing a forum for the publication of endless narcissistic minutiae. This argument is most commonly summed up by citing the breakfast example. As Steven Johnson put it, writing for Time in 2009: You hear about this new service that lets you send 140-character updates to your […]

Brooklyn Bridge Champagne

IMAGE: Wine Cellar, Brooklyn Bridge, 1992, by photographer Stanley Greenberg, via Urban Omnibus, where you can also view it much larger. Photographer Stanley Greenberg likes to shoot hidden spaces and invisible infrastructure — the overlooked, neglected, or simply off-limits “back-end” of the systems that shape our world. During a conversation at Studio-X NYC last week […]

Food Cart Factory

IMAGE: A city on a trike, Worksman Cycles, Queens, New York (all photos by Nicola Twilley unless otherwise noted). The oldest bike manufacturer in the U.S., Worksman Cycles, also happens to be the home of two American food vending icons: the Good Humor ice cream tricycle and the New York City hot dog cart. What’s […]