Monthly Archives: November 2011

Spaces of Banana Control

When Paul Rosenblatt answers the phone, he says “Bananas!” IMAGE: All photos from our visit to the Banana Distributors of New York were taken by me, unless otherwise noted. Rosenblatt ships a million boxes of bananas every year from the Banana Distributors of New York facility on Drake Street, in the Hunt’s Point section of […]

Pigeon Barriers and Rat Runs

My new favourite art prize is the Szpilman Award, which exists to promote “such works whose forms consist of ephemeral situations.” The idea of canonising art whose very nature is fleeting is compelling, in a quixotic kind of way. Meanwhile, the works themselves are understated and charming, yet illustrate the seemingly infinite potential to see […]

The Atlas of Aspirational Origins

Provenance is a tricky issue. Over the past few years, the names of agricultural regions, villages, and even specific farms have proliferated on urban menus and shelf labels, providing the aspirational consumer with a shorthand guarantee of authenticity, taste, and, often, local origin. The idea is that by listing the farm on which your heirloom […]