Monthly Archives: August 2011

Week One at Studio-X NYC: Participatory Sensing, Invasive Species, and the Geologic City

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have already caught this snippet of news, but I’m delighted to announce that Geoff Manaugh (of BLDGBLOG) and I have recently been appointed as co-directors of Studio-X NYC, which is the Lower Manhattan outpost of a global network launched by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, […]

Sandwiches and the Sectional Quality of Sacred Space

While I was writing about Scandybars yesterday, I kept thinking that I had read something interesting about the relationship between sandwiches and the architectural cross section not too long ago. As usual, my prematurely senescent memory refused to offer up any more information, but then, as I packed up boxes of books in preparation for […]

Cross-sectional Chocolate

IMAGE: A scanned Lion bar, invented by Allan Norman for Rowntree’s, and first introduced in 1977, in Dorset, image via Scandybars. Food photography is having a cross-sectional moment. From graphic designer Jon Chonko’s scanwiches — sandwiches, cut in half and scanned for “education and delight” — to Nathan Myrhvold’s hi-tech cutaways, we are increasingly able […]