Monthly Archives: July 2011

Doppelgänger Dinners

IMAGE: All photos by Steph Goralnick, via Studiofeast. Last week, Mike Lee of Studiofeast, who long-time Edible Geography readers might remember from the Landscapes of Quarantine dinner team, served a seemingly identical seven-course dinner to twenty vegetarians and twenty omnivores. And, although the meat-eaters ate meat, and the non-meat-eaters didn’t, the vegetarian dishes were interchangeable […]

Doom Cakes

As someone who considers cake to be the highest expression of the dessert form, and, arguably, of human civilisation, it pains me to say this. But the fact is that cake is sometimes special in a bad way. IMAGE: A baby shower cake wreck. I’m not just talking about cake wrecks (although I could easily […]

The Tastes of Drinking Water

“I was leafing through the first edition of Water-Works Management and Maintenance (1907) and came across this lovely little table,” began a recent email from Michael Cook, an intrepid explorer and talented photographer of subterranean hydrology. IMAGE: Chart from Water-Works Management and Maintenance, scanned by Michael Cook. The table in question is on page 317, […]

Three Round or Roundish Things You Shouldn’t Miss

IMAGE: From the Devour series by Christopher Jonassen. 1. Over at GOOD, my former colleague Peter Smith notes that, when shot against a black background, a worn-out frying pan looks more like a celestial object than a cooking utensil. Christopher Jonassen’s gorgeous series of photographs, Devour, documents each unique battle scar incurred by our humble […]

Dead Gum, Continued

One of the downsides of writing about the urban gumscape is that the particular pattern of irregular black dots decorating the pavement at my feet is now almost the only thing I see while walking around the city. One of the upsides is that readers have pointed me toward more fantastic examples of gumscape enhancement, […]

The Angeleno Bananascape

IMAGE: This iteration of the Foodprint Project logo was designed, as always, by the fantastic Nikki Hiatt. This autumn, Sarah Rich and I will be bringing our Foodprint Project event series to Los Angeles. But first, we decided to try a little crowd-sourcing experiment, which, I’m excited to say, we’re launching today! Inspired by a […]

Some Approaches to the Question of Chewing Gum Litter

Despite persistent urban myths to the contrary, chewing gum is, technically speaking, edible. However, doctors do agree that it is not usually wise to swallow it, due to the risk of “gum-based gastrointestinal blockages.” Given that in 2005, Americans chewed, on average, 160-180 pieces or about 1.8 lbs of gum per person, per year, with […]