Monthly Archives: May 2011

Rental by the Meal

IMAGE: Drawing by Will Prince for the New City Reader Food Issue; data supplied by Marion Emmanuelle of award-winning restaurant designers AvroKo. Stuck in a rut, and with his thirtieth birthday imminent, Paul Carr, the son of hoteliers, escaped it all by spending a year living in hotels. Somewhat predictably, his experiences led to a […]

The Culinary Underground

If you’re in San Francisco on Tuesday night, don’t miss this conversation about “the emerging underground food movement in San Francisco and around the country,” taking place at 7:00pm at the Studio for Urban Projects. Moderated by the lovely Rosie Branson Gill, of 18 Reasons, and featuring Sandor Katz (author of The Revolution will not […]

The Evolution of Lids

The disposable coffee cup lid falls squarely in the category of random, everyday objects that you might assume are overlooked, but are actually quite the opposite. In fact, they have been collected, dissected, and put on display by a handful of notable design critics and curators.

Mole Jerky

There is nothing more likely to raise the blood pressure of a British gardener than a fresh molehill despoiling his carefully tended lawn. For farmers, moles are an agricultural as well as an aesthetic pest, as covering pasture with soil reduces its appeal to livestock, and thus its yield per acre.