Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Dessert Crisis

IMAGE: Albert Adrià’s falling chocolate trunk filled with frozen chocolate powder, on a forest floor of lime-and-mint yogurt, with almond praline, puffed quinoa, and green-pistachio streusel, via. In this week’s New Yorker, Adam Gopnik has a lovely article about dessert. Writing as a lifelong dessert lover coming out of a year-long dessert-free diet, he finds […]

Subsidies, Salt Crystals, And The SunChips Bag: An Interview With PepsiCo’s Derek Yach

Although this week’s Glass House Conversation on the pros and cons of public investment in food design R&D has now closed, the questions and responses it has raised are well worth continuing investigation. The interview below, with PepsiCo’s Senior Vice President of Global Health and Agriculture Policy, Derek Yach, is a longer version of one […]

Designing Future Food: A Glass House Conversation

Just a quick note to say that this week I’m hosting an online Glass House Conversation on the topic of food design. My question — which is open to anybody who wants to respond — is about how we should invest in food design R&D, in order to make sure we take advantage of the […]

The Return Of The Agricultural Unconscious

At the recent Thrilling Wonder Stories all-day speculate-athon, Geoff Manaugh and I ended up speaking as part of the “Counterfeit Archaeology” panel, alongside designers Dunne & Raby. To explore this concept of creating alternative artifacts and inventing potential pasts in order to understand the present and tell stories about about the future, we talked about […]