Monthly Archives: November 2010

Publishing Food #4: The Case Of The Fictional Label

IMAGE: Chapter 1, The Case of the IPA, via Slashfood. “It started with a summons from a wealthy brewer named Cornelius Fuggle (no relation)….” So begins The Case of the IPA, a detective story in twelve parts, published serially on a beer brewed especially for the purpose. According to Buzzards Bay Brewing Company co-owner, Bill […]

Speculative Riot

I am actually rather intimidated by the incredible line-up of Thrilling Wonder Stories, an eight-hour festival of all things speculative taking place at London’s Architectural Association this Friday. IMAGE: Thrilling Wonder Stories II at the Architectural Association (view larger here). Although it is not specifically a food-oriented event, edible geographers will find many reasons to […]

A Short, Non-Linear History Of The Commemorative Cocktail

IMAGE: Bartender in Catholic Sokol Club, Ambridge, Pennslyvania; Library of Congress Prints & Photographs division, Washington, DC, via Rebecca Federman. Commemorative cocktail names act as a sort of alcoholic telegraph, a filtered, patchy, and somewhat unreliable headline service calling out public figures, trends, or events, from Obama’s inauguration to the introduction of a new steam […]

Coffeehouse Commons

Another sneak peek at the contents of the food issue of the New City Reader — in case you can’t tell, I was really rather inspired by the brief, and almost obnoxiously proud of what Will, Krista, and I managed to put together with the help of our fantastic contributors and the New City Reader […]

A Cocktail Party In The Street: An Interview With Alan Stillman

IMAGE: Alan Stillman in front of the first T.G.I. Friday’s location at 63rd Street & 1st Ave, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. In 1965, Alan Stillman was a young man living in Manhattan, who, in his own words, was “looking to meet girls.” The bar restaurant he founded, T.G.I. Friday’s, began life as a public […]

The Food Issue

I’m rather excited to announce that the Food section of the New City Reader is hot off the presses! IMAGE: Front page of the Food issue of the New City Reader. The New City Reader is a pop-up “newspaper of public space,” published as a sixteen-page broadsheet each Saturday this autumn. It was launched by […]

Art Meat City

Just a quick note to say that Foodprint Denver, the third event in the Foodprint Project series that Sarah Rich and I co-curate, takes place today! We’ll be at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., conducting a back-to-back series of live, quickfire Q&As about the relationship between meat and design […]